The NDECPTA connects local families through learning and play to
foster growth at home and in our community.

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2020-2021 NDECPTA Advisory Board

President: Heather Hall
Secretary: Farah Ahmad
Treasurer: Angela Banks
Parliamentarian: Emily Base
Programs: Erin Alvarez, Kelley Boon
Membership Committee: Dana Morrison*, Rebecca Wong
Communications Committee: Lynne Kujawa*, Ashley Flores, Lucia Moralez
Fundraising Committee: Kaitlin Davison*, Melissa Garvey*, Meaghan Johnston, Abby Lang
Social Committee: Lindsey Daniels*, Perry Barnett, Cait Dunn
Community Service Committee: Elizabeth Case*, Farah Ahmad, Neha Parikh, Coral Stone 
Nursery Committee: Alice Rice*
Sponsorship Committee: Jo Marsey*
Special Interests: Caroline Nichols
Playgroups: Mary Osgood
Sunshine: Kerry Mahaffey

*Denotes VP or Committee Chair

President: Heather Hall

Parliamentarian: Emily Base

VP of Communications: Lynne Kujawa 

Community Liaison: Elizabeth Case

Special Interests Chair: Caroline Nichols

Secretary: Farah Ahmad

VP of Programs: Erin Alvarez

Co-VP of Fundraising: Kaitlin Davison

Co-VP of Fundraising: Melissa Garvey

Nursery Chair: Alice Rice

Playgroups Chair: Mary Osgood

Treasurer: Angela Banks

VP of Membership: Dana Morrison

Social Committee Chair: Lindsey Adams

Sponsorship Chair: Jo Marsey

Sunshine Chair: Kerry Mahaffey

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